EASi-Raft modular ceiling raft systems

Following 15 years of joinery manufacture and interior fitout for the retail, commercial and leisure sectors we have recognised the increasing demand for ceiling rafts and canopies that create interest within ceiling designs and around customer interface areas. In many cases landlords are insisting on ceiling details within their fitout guides in an attempt to move away from flat featureless ceilings.

Traditionally these structures are commissioned and manufactured as one off designs and are installed via a staged process of each trade working at height to perform each operation i.e. frame work, electrical 1st fix, plasterboard, plaster , decoration, electrical 2nd fix etc. This can be a lengthy process which renders the area below redundant and in-accessible until works are completed.

We have used our knowledge and experience to develop a new approach which delivers cost savings, reduces installation times and is much safer to install.

Using modular components, EASi-Raft is designed around a simplified core set of primitive shapes and modules. When combined, these core shapes provide an extremely innovative and flexible method of construction capable of delivering light rafts in an unlimited number of designs. The dimensions of each module is such that it is compatible with all standard suspended ceiling grids to improve compatibility and integration. If required we can supply the sections with cut-outs to receive light fittings to further reduce installation time and costs.

For more bespoke designs we can apply the EASi-Raft concept to form pre-fabricated sections that will create any shape at any size.

A further benefit with EASi-Raft is that each structure is completely demountable and can be removed and re-used. With the average lease now at 5 years or less this is a great advantage, there are also tax advantages as the structures are classed as portable fixtures and fittings which fall into capitalised expenditure.

EASi-Raft can be installed in just one shift which opens up further opportunity to retro fit into existing locations for minimal disruption and maximum impact.

Easi-Raft Modular Raft System
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